• Aktiv - active
  • Alle Ausflüge - all excursions
  • Bustour - guided bus tour
  • Fahrzeuge - vehicles
  • Familienausflüge - family trips
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About us




We put a lot of passion into collecting information for your next ship cruise. Please help us to present destinations even more extensive by providing reviews and reporting your experiences.


Planning excursions


Our team has established excursions and information about ports, cities and ships with extensive love for detail.




Our experienced team is here to support you in presenting your excursion offers. Contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

Planning your first/next ship cruise will have you collecting information to learn more about the individual destinations. The cruise ships’ characteristics and features are equally important when planning your trip. Unfortunately, this information is fragmented and largely spread across various forums. We have made the same experience previously.

This website offers the almost unique opportunity to receive comprehensive information about travel regions, ships and ports at a glance. The extensive excursion offer enables you to enjoy unique individual experiences at any destination.

This website is made for ship cruise enthusiasts by ship cruise enthusiasts