FAQ – Frequently asked question


Why should I book cruise excursions alternatively?

Shore excursions are considered as the absolute highlights on any ship route for a reason. However, booking via the shipowning company often means that you will be sitting in jam-packed busses, pay exorbitant prices for a bus tour and in case of large group tours, you won’t understand a word and have to wait until the last belated passenger arrives on the bus.

Our ship cruise portal offers individual and truly memorable alternative excursions. Excursions or tours led by local guides are tailored to your needs. Often, you will be picked up directly at the pier.

Take advantage of unmatched competitive prices for your individual tour and save loads of money for your next vacation trip. Enjoy cruise excursions in small groups or even private excursions without other guests.


How do I contact the tour organiser?

Simply browse through our internet portal and choose your excursion. The offer includes contact information, enabling you to easily request further information and/or book an excursion directly and comfortably through the provider’s booking portal.

This way, the Krunda team supports you in selecting your excursion.


Will a cruise ship leave without me, if I don’t return to the pier in time?

Anyone who has ever been on a ship cruise will surely remember other passengers being late. While many ports invoice fees to the shipowning companies based on the demurrage, the captain often waits before leaving the pier.

However, you will be provided with an emergency phone number before leaving the ship. This enables you to contact the ship at any time to report any potential delays and ensure that the crew is informed about your delay.

In case you didn’t receive an emergency phone number, check out the corresponding hint in our internet portal. We will help you the best we can.


How do I find and book my individual excursion?

Our website makes finding your excursion a child’s play. Select your port and start searching.

You can also filter your search by using our categories. You’ll be sure to find your perfect memorable excursion.


Where can I find information about my excursion?

When searching for an excursion, simply click on the title to receive detailed information about your excursion. You will also find the provider’s contact information and will be able to contact the provider or book your excursion. Our portal really makes it easy for you.


Is there a difference between a public and a private tour?

Often, several cruise ships are moored at the same port, which means that other persons may also participate in a booked excursion. If you would rather book an individual private tour without other participants, this can surely be clarified in advance.


Can I book a public tour as a private tour also?

This is of course possible in many cases. Our excursion portal makes it easy for you. You can find the provider’s contact information in the excursion’s detail section and contact the provider via email or phone.


Will I receive a booking confirmation?

Each provider will handle this differently. Often, you will receive a confirmation email, which repeats all information. Here you should find the exact contact information as well as the meeting point and time.


How can I pay the excursion?

An excursion must usually be paid or paid down immediately upon booking. In case of inquiries at short notice, cash payments can be made in agreement with the tour organiser. You can also contact the tour provider directly to ask.


Which payment options are available?

When booking online with the provider, the respective payment options (wire transfer, direct debit, credit card, PayPal, GiroPay …) are indicated. If no information is available, please contact the tour provider directly.

You will receive a confirmation email after the payment receipt in most cases.


What shall I do, when I can’t attend the excursion?

You must cancel any excursion you cannot attend. To do so, please send an email to the respective provider and/or contact the latter by phone. Please clarify any eventual cancellation fees directly with the provider with whom you have booked the excursion.


Does the price include entrance tickets?

The respective detailed description of the excursion should include information about whether any entrance tickets are included in the price.

If you cannot find any information on this, please contact the tour provider directly. Find the respective contact information on our website in the section on the right side next to the excursion offer.


Where is the meeting point for my tour?

The detail section on our excursion page includes first information about the respective meeting point. The tour provider’s confirmation email should also include this information.

Should you require more information, please contact the tour provider via email or phone.


Can I get picked up at the port also?

The description often indicates whether participants can be picked up at the port directly. However, as sometimes only ship cruise participants are entitled to access the port area, the exit or access point from or to the port area might be designated as the meeting point.


In some cities (e. g. in Rome), the port is situated far away from the city centre. Please ask your provider whether a pick-up at the pier is possible.


I am physically disabled. Can I participate in excursions?


This depends on your individual selection and your type of disability. Many tours are also suited for disabled guests and/or guests with limited mobility. Please ask the respective provider whether the selected offer is suited for you.


How can I contact this portal’s customer service?


If you have any questions concerning our portal or would like to offer your excursions in our cruise ship excursion portal and/or place advertisements, please send an email to: service@krunda.com.


How do you ensure the quality of the excursion offer?


Our team is working locally with renowned and highly experienced guides and/or agencies. These guides and agencies must meet various criteria before they are included in our portal. In addition, we also regularly check customer reviews and reserve the right to test excursions to make sure that you will find a memorable experience through our ship cruise portal.

If you should, contrary to expectations, not be satisfied, please inform us via email. Our team and other cruise passengers will appreciate this!